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Group Order Specifications & Conditions

  • ACA will collect association orders for USBC Achievement Awards (pp. 29-37) until May 15, 2023. After May 15, ACA will consolidate the orders from the 1700 USBC associations and report back with final quantities and pricing for these items by May 31, 2023, via e-mail.
  • For each product where “group price” is shown, orders from all associations will be joined together to form one order priced at the volume achieved for all associations. This provides all associations the opportunity to greatly reduce the cost of awards. Group volume will be shown weekly on our website, cumulative for each product until May 15, 2023.
  • Group order manufacturing will begin June 1, 2023. All group orders will be shipped starting in August 2023 and completed by September 2023. All orders taken after May 15, 2023, will be shipped in September after group orders have been fulfilled.
  • Individual pricing will be used for all new orders and reorders made later than May 15, 2023.
  • For group price, if minimum group order is not met at lowest quantity, price defaults to individual price bracket.
  • Pricing and availability are subject to change. Payment terms for group orders are effective May 31, 2023. All USBC State/Local Logo orders require full (100%) payment on May 25, 2023. All USBC National Logo orders require 50% payment on May 25, 2023, and 50% payment when order ships. Remember you can still purchase year round!